THE Wedding Cake Gallery

We've created this wonderful wedding cake gallery with literally hundreds of wedding cake pictures and wedding cake designs and put them in easy to find categories.

If you have a particular theme in mind, for example: a heart shaped wedding cake or a beach themed cake, you need only scroll down and click on the category of choice and it will take you to a new page with only that theme.

Feel free to browse through the entire collection below, it will open up your mind to ideas you never knew possible. Many of the cakes in the gallery are artistic, classic and simple, but the other wedding cake styles are so amazing and intricate, they really are a piece of art.

Pictures Of Wedding Cakes

If you're looking for wedding cake ideas, browse through the wedding cake photo gallery below, you're sure to find the perfect wedding cake. Enjoy!

NOTE: FIY, we have also included a guide for wedding cake servings and tier sizes.

pink wedding cakesPink wedding Cakes

A pink wedding cake is a perfect choice if you're to have an elegant white and pink wedding theme. Have a look as some cake pictures to help you make your decision on the style, shape and size of your cake

heart wedding cakesHeart Shaped Wedding Cakes

The heart shaped cake is incredibly romantic and a popular choice for the wedding couple. It's an all time favourite for many brides and grooms, being the perfect cake shape to honour their love for each other.

chocolate wedding cakesChocolate Wedding Cakes

Modern chocolate wedding cakes are a melt in the mouth experience. What chocolate lover could refuse a slice of one of these perfect chocolate cake designs. Why not choose a chocolate wedding theme!

tropical wedding cakesTropical Wedding Cakes

A tropical wedding cakes brighten up a wedding event so effectlessly. Usually decorated with vibrant tropical flowers, a selection of in season fruits, other edible cake decorations, or all of thee above.

beach and seashell wedding cakesBeach & Seashell Wedding Cakes

For a beach theme wedding, the first thing that comes to mind are seashells. A seashell wedding cake is now more popular than ever before because of the vast selection of sea shells that are imported from tropical countries.

unusual wedding cakesUnusual Wedding Cakes

Modern cake designers are making some of the most extraordinary, unusual wedding cakes that are more like elaborate wedding table centerpieces. So unique, they have been labelled designer cakes.

creative wedding cakesCreative Wedding Cakes

A creative wedding cake starts with a simple idea. When creating and decorating a cake, the philosophy 'less is more' is what makes the final design of a bridal cake successful.

designer wedding cakesDesigner Wedding Cakes

Designer wedding cakes are almost too beautiful to eat. Their combination of elegant scroll designs, pearl-like trims and glossy fondant ribbons - makes designer cakes perfect for any modern day wedding. If you can dream it, it can be made.

cupcake wedding cakesCupcake Wedding Cakes

Wedding cupcakes are a modern alternative to the traditional cake and serves as an interesting wedding table centerpiece. They can be displayed on decorative trays or as a cupcake tiered cake arrangement.

elegant wedding cakesElegant Wedding Cakes

Your wedding celebration is usually a once in a life time event, so most brides choose a classic or an elegant wedding cake if they are having a formal or traditional wedding theme.

blue wedding cakesBlue Wedding Cakes

A blue wedding cakes are usually picked by the daring modern day bride with a flare for adventure and the extraordinary. If you are this bride, why not express your unique personality with your favourite colour.

square wedding cakesSquare Wedding Cakes

The round or square wedding cake is the most traditional out of all the wedding cake shapes. Square cakes are one of my favourites. Check out the gorgeous pictures.

simple wedding cakesSimple Wedding Cakes

Many brides still prefer a classic, simple wedding cakes over an elaborate one. As a simple cake can easily be decorated with silk or fresh flowers to liven it up. Just pick a flower that's in the bridal bouquet so it matches.

fondant wedding cakesFondant Wedding Cakes

Here are some fondant wedding cake designs and pictures suitable for any wedding. Fondant comes in 3 types of icing; 1. rolled fondant, 2. poured fondant and 3. sculpting Fondant.

white wedding cakesWhite Wedding Cakes

Some brides still prefer a classic white wedding cake over the vivid coloured ones. White cakes are so easy to decorate. You can create swirl patterns and shapes with buttercream icing or sculptured fondant icing for that extra texture and detail.

pictures of buttercream wedding cakesButtercream Wedding Cakes

Buttercream wedding cakes are best known for their unforgettable and mouth watering buttercream frosting. The texture of buttercream icing is so smooth and creamy, it's reminiscent of marshmellows melting in your mouth after it has been in a cup of hot chocolate.

pictures of huge wedding cakesHuge Wedding Cakes

Huge wedding cakes are always glorious and impressive and the talk of every wedding party. Your guests will marvel and anticipate the cutting of the cake - not to mention their first taste!

exotic wedding cakesExotic Wedding Cakes

Our gallery of exotic wedding cakes are inspirational to say the least. At first glance they'll send your taste buds in a wild frenzy. Your guests will marvel and anticipate the cutting of the cake - not to mention their first taste!

winter wedding cakesWinter Wedding Cakes

If you are having a winter wedding then a winter wedding cake is ideal for your wedding. I always imagine rich coloured creamy cake with a cup of hot chocolate and a warm sizzling fire near by.

wedding cake flowersWedding Cakes with Flowers

Cakes with fresh flowers are my personal favourites, not just for their beauty but also for their meaning and what flowers represent. As a general rule make sure to use at least one predominant flower that is in the bridal bouquet.

pictures of black and white wedding cakesBlack and White Wedding Cakes

There's something gorgeous and elegant about black and white wedding cakes that brings an air of sophistication to a wedding. The groom's black tuxedo and the bride's white bridal gown conjure up the scene of the ultimate black and white ball!

Mini wedding cakesMini Wedding Cakes

Mini wedding cakes look so impressive as wedding table decorations. Miniature wedding cakes can be individually packed in a clear boxed or served as wedding dessert at the wedding reception.

fake wedding cakeFake Wedding Cakes

Having an fake or artificial wedding cake is the perfect solution if you're on a budget and/OR if you just want an elaborate wedding cake to show off as a stunning centerpiece.

amazing wedding cakesAmazing Wedding Cakes

The most amazing wedding cakes in the world have that extraordinary WOW factor that only the rich and famous can normally afford. The perfect wedding reception showpiece that becomes the talk of the party.

beautiful wedding cakesBeautiful Wedding Cakes

The first site of beautiful wedding cakes simply takes the breath away. Magnificent ziggurats of frosting and fondant, exotic flowers adorn these lofty creations.

beautiful wedding cakesSmall Wedding Cakes

Small wedding cakes are just perfect for that small wedding and they look so cute. Feast your eyes on these gorgeous small cakes and mini wedding cakes.

beautiful wedding cakesExpensive Wedding Cakes

Most of us don't actually set out looking for expensive wedding cakes, but it's no accident that some of the most beautiful wedding cake creations also wound up costing a packet.

beautiful wedding cakesTraditional Wedding Cakes

The traditional wedding cake goes hand in glove with the white wedding gown and other traditional symbols of innocence and purity. Queen Victoria set the trend and tradition for white weddings.

Calla lilly wedding cakesCalla Lilly Wedding Cakes

Elegant and sophisticated, Calla lilly wedding cakes are always eye-catching. Long been a symbol of regal beauty and majesty and is the perfect embellishment for any wedding cake, whether simple or cleverly crafted.

Orchid Wedding Cake DesignsOrchid Wedding Cake Designs

Elegant orchid wedding cake designs will always hold a special allure for those of us with a yearning for exotic floral wedding cakes. This seductive flower comes in unusual geometric shapes, making them so enticing and captivating.

Topsy Turvy CakesTopsy Turvy Cakes

Topsy turvy cakes are eye-catching and the talk of any party. Your wedding guests will marvel at the incredible balancing act, moving in closely to investigate how it was all created.

Topsy Turvy CakesButterfly Wedding Cakes

Butterfly wedding cake designs are delicate and it's meaning is perfect for weddings. A symbol for a long life and the souls who have passed away. Universally it represents the transformation of life.

Gold Cake DesignsGold Cake Designs

Gold cakes evoke the feelings of prestige and splendor. Gold is a symbol of good health, success, wisdom, perfection, purity and optimisim. It also symbolises wealth used wisely. Why not take your wedding up a notich and plan a gold wedding theme.

Gold Cake DesignsCherry Blossom Wedding Cakes

The Cherry Blossom is a metaphor for life and symoblises female beauty. Cherry Blossom cake designs come in all shapes and sizes. Feast your eyes on these beautiful Cherry Blossom wedding cakes.

Art Deco Wedding CakeArt Deco Wedding Cakes

These pictures of wedding cakes are inspired by the 1920s and mirror the art deco movement. The Art Deco wedding cake design is characterized as much by its opulence as its amazing shapes and forms.

Modern Wedding CakesModern Wedding Cakes

Modern wedding cakes can be inspired by just about anything, from movies, art, history or comedy etc. All the wedding cake decorations are edible, from the handmade sugar flowers to unusual gum paste creations.

Modern Wedding CakesWedding Gift Box Cakes

Gift box cake designs are a modern novelty with young brides. Feast your eyes on these unique gift box wedding cakes. The shape of a present wedding cake can be any design or colour.

Cupcakes Tiered Wedding Cake DesignsCupcakes Tiered Wedding Cakes

Cupcake tiered wedding cakes designs are the modern alternative to modern cake. Wedding cupcakes are also considerably cheaper than the traditional tiered styles.

Red Wedding CakesRed Wedding Cakes

Red wedding cakes are as striking as they are unexpected. Usually complimented with contrasting colours, red cakes bring a certain air of bravura and adventure to a wedding.

Fun Cake DesignsFun Cake Designs

Fun cake designs are both interesting and entertaining. Suitable for almost any celebration or party - of course, a sense of humour is necessary. My favourite novelty cake designs are funny wedding cakes with funny wedding cake toppers. They are so hilarious.

Green Wedding CakesGreen Wedding Cakes

Green wedding cakes are often favoured by brides who have opted for a green wedding theme. The colour green symbolizes many things from youth, and nature healing and Kermit the Frog!

Brown Wedding CakesBrown Wedding Cakes

Brown wedding cakes are not what one would associate with a traditional wedding, but brown cakes are in flavour, especially with those of us who love the flavour of chocolate

Orange Wedding CakesOrange Wedding Cakes

Orange wedding cakes these days are generally part of an orange wedding theme, perhaps complementing the reception flower centerpiecees or even the bridemaids' gowns.

Castle Wedding CakesCastle Wedding Cakes

For every budding Cinderella bride, castle wedding cakes symbolize the culmination of our fairy tale dream of finding our own Prince Charming. Of course wedding cake castles are no simple statement.

Castle Wedding CakesSilver Wedding Cakes

There's something classy and exquisite about a silver wedding cakes. Tall, metallic and modernistic, it's almost a shame to cut the cake for everyone to share. Almost.

Castle Wedding CakesSnowflake Wedding Cakes

There's nothing like snowflake wedding cakes designs that conjure images of icy blue lakes and snow covered landscapes. But nothing evokes a winter wedding theme like the delicacy snowflake cake designs.

Victorian Wedding Cake DesignsVictorian Wedding Cakes

When you think of Victorian wedding cake designs you immediately think of grand, tall, lace wedding cakes with intricate scrolls of an earlier period, with roses and cupids.

Sunflower Wedding CakesSunflower Wedding Cakes

Sun-worshippers all over the world love sunflower wedding cakes. This beautiful flower that turned it's head to follow the sun was also worshipped by the Aztecs.

Polka Dot Wedding CakesPolka Dot Wedding Cakes

When I think of polka dot wedding cakes, I can't help but think of cute little bikinis. The polka dance was a huge hit in the 1840's, so all things polka became faddish and hip.

Purple Wedding CakesPurple Wedding Cakes

Purple wedding cake designs conjure up images of royalty and dictatorhship. The cost of creating purple dye was more precious than gold. Hence, purple became the colour of royalty.

Tiffany Blue Wedding Cake DesignsTiffany Blue Wedding Designs

A blue Tiffany wedding cake pays homage to the famed jewellery store in the movie Breakfast at Tiffany's. The brand Tiffany & Co. has been synonymous with classic diamond jewellery of the finest quality.

Black Wedding CakesBlack Wedding Cakes

Black wedding cakes are perfect for black and white wedding themes, however the black cake can also be part of a just black wedding. Check out these gorgeous wedding cakes.

Japanese Wedding CakesJapanese Wedding Cakes

Japanese wedding cakes can be multi-tiered and decorated with either cherry blossom motifs, cascading origami cranes, bamboo and orchids. Feast your eyes on these lovely Japanese themed cakes.

Floral Wedding CakesFloral Wedding Cakes

Floral wedding cakes are stunning. Very few things are more eye-catching than fresh flowers on wedding cake. Floral cake toppers can take a flower cake from the ordinary to the sublime.

Halloween Wedding CakesHalloween Wedding Cakes

Spooky halloween cake ideas are just the thing for those wanting a halloween wedding cake for their Halloween Wedding. The festival of Halloween is All Saints Day.

Gothic Wedding CakesGothic Wedding Cakes

Gothic wedding cakes, can include anything from Halloween to Hollywood and these sometimes spooky cakes will usually be ordered with tongue pressed firmly in cheek.

Retro Wedding Cake DesignsRetro Wedding Cakes

Naturally, a retro wedding cake is part of a retro themed wedding. Technically, the retro wedding evokes another time - perhaps for nostalgia or more likely a wedding theme with a difference.

Exotic Asian Wedding CakesExotic Asian Wedding Cakes

Asian wedding cakes, from Japanese cherry blossom motifs, Chinese wedding cake with its pagodas and dragons or the Indian wedding cake with intricate henna cake decorations.

Hexagon Wedding Cake DesignsHexagon Wedding Cake Designs

The hexagon wedding cake owes it's origin with the ancient Greeks. It's shape gives a certain strength and gravitas to the design. check out these beautiful hexagon cakes.

Daisy Wedding CakesDaisy Wedding Cakes

Daisy wedding cakes illicit purity and innocence. Feast your eyes on these charming daisy cake designs, they take me back to those sunfilled days.

Hip, Funky Wedding CakesHip, Funky Wedding Cakes

Funky wedding cakes set the tone. Pictures of groovy retro or something cool and sophisticated. Funky cakes and come in all shapes and sizes, colours or styles.

Artistic Wedding CakesArtistic Wedding Cakes

These artistic cakes look like they belong in the Louvre. A showcase of Artistic wedding cakes that look absolutely incredible. Check out the Artistic cake design gallery.

Mad Hatter Wedding CakesMad Hatter Wedding Cakes

Check out these mad hatter cake designs. The mad hatter wedding cake is a perfect wedding prop for those with an impossibly overdeveloped sense of humour.

Artistic Wedding CakesWhimsical Wedding Cakes

There's something very special about whimical wedding cakes. These offbeat creations are all about the path less trodden. whimsical cakes make everyone smile.

Artistic Wedding CakesChinese Wedding Cakes

Modern Chinese wedding cake designs can include double happiness symbols, gold dragons, the phoenix or Chinese Pagoda's. And usually created in accents of red and gold.

Fall, Autumn Wedding CakesFall, Autumn Wedding Cakes

Fruit and the golden leaves of the fall adorn the tiers of autumn wedding cake designs. Typically decorated with the colours of autumn, dark berries, leaves and jagged pine cones.

Wedding Dress Cake DesignsWedding Dress Cakes

Some wedding dress cake designs are made to look just like a replica wedding gown cake, while other bridal gown cakes are embellished with intricate beading, lace work and jewels.

Romantic Wedding CakesRomantic Wedding Cakes

These romantic wedding cakes inspire and rouse the heart. Various motifs like hearts, bows, jewelled brooches, sugar florals, intricated designs, make for a powerful romantic wedding theme.

Spring Wedding CakesSpring Wedding Cakes

Spring wedding cakes are a colourful affair. These spring wedding theme cakes are decorated with vibrant spring flowers and spring motifs to match those of the brides wedding theme.

Spring Wedding CakesSummer Wedding Cakes

Summer wedding cakes have a tropical rhythm. These gorgeous summer wedding theme cake designs include vibrant summer colours, motifs of the beach and just beautiful summer flowers.

Spring Wedding CakesCountry Western Wedding Cakes

Country western wedding cakes are reminiscent of TV westerns of yesteryear with their fancy country wedding cake toppers. Check out these country wedding cakes.

Christmas Wedding CakesChristmas Wedding Cakes

Christmas wedding cakes can be decorated with winter accents like snowflakes Or green, white and red Christmas decorations if your Christmas is in summer time.

Contemporary Wedding CakesContemporary Wedding Cakes

Modern, contemporary wedding cakes absolutely boggles the mind at the sheer artistry, the amazing design and construction, texture and detail, and above all daring and imaginative.

Wedding Cakes With FruitWedding Cakes With Fruit

Fruit weddings cakes are so appetising. Tropical fruit wedding cake is a special favourite. Feast your eyes on these wedding cakes decorated with fruit.

Novelty Wedding Cake DesignsNovelty Wedding Cake Designs

Novelty cake designs have always been a curiosity. Their entire appeal is that they are different - sometimes a llittle crazy, whimsical and definitely quirky.

Nightmare Before Christmas CakeNightmare Before Christmas Wedding Cake

The Nightmare Before Christmas cake pays homeage to Tim Burton's story of Jack Skellington and his bride corpse. Check out these amazing nightmare before christmas wedding cakes.

Bridal Shower Cake DesignsBridal Shower Cake Designs

bridal shower cake designs reflect the bride's individual qualities, interests and favourite colours. Check out these amazing designer bridal shower cake ideas.

Ivory Wedding CakesIvory Wedding Cakes

Ivory wedding cakes speak softly but clearly of class and discernment. Check out these beautiful manifestations in classic ivory, cake designs.

Fountain Wedding CakesFountain Wedding Cakes

Water fountain wedding cakes are a truly unforgetable feature of your dream wedding. Small water features help make up the wedding cake fountain.

Hawaiian Wedding CakesHawaiian Wedding Cakes

Hawaiian theme cake, draws inspiration from flowers and colours of the south seas. They transform the Hawaiian wedding cakes into something instantly recognisable.

Dragon Wedding CakesDragon Wedding Cakes

The dragon cake has long belonged to the Chinese culture and certainly dragon wedding cake is now a regular feature in Chinese or Asian themed weddings.

Decorated Wedding CakesDecorated Wedding Cakes

Sheer artistry goes into creative decorated wedding cakes. These decorated cakes are embellished with delicate lacework, brooches, goldleaf and intricate fondant forms.

Fancy Wedding CakesFancy Wedding Cakes

Fancy wedding cakes are not for the faint hearted. These fancy cakes stand out in the spotlight and are the talk of any great wedding party.

decorative stars

When deciding on your wedding cake, it's best to pick a wedding cake design that reflects your wedding colours, wedding theme and most importantly, your own personal style. Your wedding reception cake need not be huge or fancy to get some attention, it can be simple in shape and design and still be the talk of the party.

Here Are Some of My Personal Favourites

wedding cake gallery
wedding cake gallery
Wedding Cupcake, Desserts
Unusual Wedding Cake

wedding cake gallery
wedding cake gallery
Creative Wedding Cake
Creative Wedding Cake

wedding cake gallery
wedding cake gallery
Pink Wedding Cake
Square Wedding Cake

wedding cake gallery
wedding cake gallery
Designer Wedding Cake
Elegant Wedding Cake

wedding cake gallery
wedding cake gallery
Chocolate Wedding Cake
Elegant Wedding Cake

wedding cake gallery
Chocolate Wedding Cupcakes and Desserts

wedding cake gallery
wedding cake gallery
Designer Wedding Cake
Chocolate Wedding Cake

wedding cake gallery
Square Wedding Cake

wedding cake gallery
wedding cake gallery
Simple Wedding Cake
Creative Wedding Cake

Wedding Cakes on a Budget

small wedding cakeFairy Godmother tip; if you have a small cake budget, choose a beautiful but small wedding cake for your reception, use it for the cutting of the cake photo's.

Have another much larger slab of cake made with the same flavour and icing, no need to have it decorated with fresh flowers or elaborate scuptured flowers, as it is just a cake for cutting and serving. This slab of cake is only seen by the kitchen staff. This saves on wedding cake decorating and wedding cake tier costs. You get to have your dream cake and enough cake to serve all your guests.

decorative stars

Cake Tier Sizes and
Approximate Cake Servings

Servings Round Tier Cake Square Tier Cake
up to 25 -30 people 5 and 8" (2 tier) 5 and 8" (2 tier)
up to 50 people 6 and 10" (2 tier) 6 and 10" (2 tier)
up to 75 people 5, 8 and 10" (3 tier) 8 and 12" (2 tier)
up to 100 people 6, 9 and 12" (3 tier) -----
up to 125 people 6, 9 and 14" (3 tier) 6, 9 and 12" (3 tier)
up to 150 people 6, 10 and 16" (3 tier) -----
up to 175 people 7, 12 and 16" (3 tier) -----
up to 200 people 5, 8, 12 and 16" (4 tier) -----
up to 225 people 5, 9, 12 and 18" (4 tier) -----
up to 250 people 6, 10, 14 and 18" (4 tier) 6, 8, 12 and 16" (4 tier)
up to 300 people 5, 9, 12, 14 and 18" (5 tier) -----
up to 350 people 6, 9, 12, 16 and 20" (5 tier) -----


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