PEARL - 30th Wedding Anniversary Gifts, Ideas
(or Diamond)

Pearls have long been the object of 30th wedding anniversary gifts and it is easy to see why. It is the rarity. Today, people are living longer than ever before, but in centuries past, not that many would live long enough and therefore stayed married long enough to have to think about 30th anniversary gifts. Even today a marriage union of thirty years is worthy of admiration, particularly with movie stars. The rarity of 30 year unions is mirrored by that of the pearl, hence it’s popularity as a 30 year wedding anniversary gift.

Most mollusks or shellfish possess the ability to throw down layer upon layer of nacre over a grain of sand and create a pearl of sorts. They take years to produce and only several species can produce one of sufficient lustre and iridescence to be commercially valuable. In the past, the only way to harvest the pearls was to catch (and therefore kill) the mollusks by the hundreds to get one single pearl! You can imagine the cost Large black terms of labour to get a string of pearls. Consider, an A grade Black Pearl is rare among pearls, so the cost of a string of black pearls is a very handsome 30th wedding anniversary present indeed. In the days prior to pearl culturing, it was a royal gift only. 

Though a string of natural black pearls today would still be a king’s ransom, since the early 1900’s pearl culturing has brought the cost of pearls down to make them affordable for a 30th wedding anniversary gift. Examples of pearl 30 year anniversary gifts might include necklaces, earrings, brooches, rings or even hair clips.

Large loose diamond.Of course fashions do change and a modern alternative 30th anniversary gift could include diamonds and who doesn’t love them? Like the pearl, high quality diamonds are still rare enough to make them a handsome and very expensive 30 year anniversary gift. Diamond jewelry comes in many guises and it is not difficult to find good gifts for 30th wedding anniversary by way of rings, studded brooches or necklaces. There is no faking the look of delight on a woman’s face as she holds up a gift of diamond jewelry!

It is worth mentioning, diamonds would make a great 30th anniversary present for a man as well. Diamonds can be put in rings, watches, ear-rings (for rock stars!). Diamond navel rings are still considered a little effete for the lads, though.

Consider also, a marriage of traditional 30th wedding anniversary gift ideas and something more modern. If the budget stretches that far, some examples of a pearl and diamond combining in the form of exquisite jewelry would make an absolutely breathtaking gift for 30th wedding anniversary.

Modern & Traditional 30th Anniversary Gift Ideas

Here are a few examples of 30th anniversary gift ideas for your consideration.

Pearl Jubilee
Sweet Pea or Lily

Traditional - 30th Anniversary Gift Ideas (Pearl)

  • Black Tahitian pearl pendant.
  • String of Freshwater pearls.
  • Fresh water pearl rosary beads.
  • Mother of pearl cufflinks.
  • Mother of pearl money clip.
  • Decorative seashells.
  • Antiue pearl brooch.
  • Mother of pearl bracelet.
  • Cultured pearl earrings.
  • Mother of pearl jewelry box.
  • Jewelry for women.
  • Pearl coloured items.

Modern - 30th Anniversary Gift Ideas (Diamond)

  • Real diamond studded earrings.
  • Diamond jewelry.
  • Faux diamond, cubic zirconia jewerly.
  • Diamontee picture frame.
  • Diamontee studded brooch.
  • Cubic zirconia cufflinks.
  • Diamontee studded belt.
  • Diamontee incrusted keepsake box.


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