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Honeymoon Destinations Guide

For most couples, honeymoon destinations are a subject they regard with excitement and awe, but for some there's a little bit of dread and indecision as to were to go and what to do and hoping that all their honeymoon planning goes according to their schedule.

There are so many things to plan (and yes you do need a honeymoon travel checklist), there are honeymoon packages and exclusive honeymoon resorts on every corner of the earth. Some people want to sit in the lap of luxury to kick of married life, while others may want to share an adventure in exotic foreign locations.  So where do you go? If you leaf through newspaper or magazine advertisements, you’ll be steered towards the best marketed honeymoon places with the biggest tourist turnover and all the associated costs which ultimately you pay for.

Romantic Travel Destinations

However, if you prefer romantic travel destinations on faraway island beaches, or a trekking trip through tropical resorts, or even exotic sailing cruises or tours through the Greek Islands or down the Adriatic coast, perhaps another way is to find a better travel agent and discuss honeymoon packages. An experienced agent can discuss your honeymoon ideas and help suggest the best travel destination for your needs, with competitive deals on honeymoon vacations.

Statue Jesus, Mexico
Dubrovnick, Croatia
Venice, Italy
Statue Jesus, Mexico
Dubrovnik, Croatia
Venice, Italy

For the more seasoned traveller, it is possible to be your own travel agent, even though multi destination travel may be a challenge. These days, thanks to the worldwide web, it is very possible to arrange a vacation at the best all inclusive honeymoon resorts. They may not be cheap, but the cost can be considerably less without paying the middle man.

For those on a tight budget considering interesting and unusual travel destinations, it is possible to have a wonderful honeymoon for less than you think. One caution however, marriage is (we hope) forever. Years from now, you will remember a beautiful honeymoon for all time. The actual cost is usually forgotten. Don’t ruin a great honeymoon by skimping in the wrong places.

Maui, Hawaii
Eiffel Tower, Paris France
Phuket, Thailand
Maui, Hawaii
Eiffel Tower, Paris France
Phuket, Thailand

The honeymoon for most of us, is the holiday of a lifetime. After the excitement and craziness of the wedding itself (not to mention the pressure) you can at last kick back with your new husband or wife (it still feels weird to say it, doesn’t it) and go someplace far away and exotic – and did I mention far away. Far from - well wishers, far from pressures of work and far away from the tyranny of routine.

The importance of this magic time cannot be overestimated or overstated. It is the beginning of your life together and getting off on the right foot is the only way to fly. What kind of honeymoon are you going to have? It’s time to open the perfect wedding day book of worldwide travel destinations and scan the possibilities of fantasy lands within.

Hanoi, Vietnam
Sydney, Austalia
Hanoi, Vietnam
Sydney, Austalia


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