Video on How to Apply Makeup
by a professional bridal makeup artist.

Here's a wedding day makeup how to video tutorial with step by step instructions. Learn how to apply makeup taught by a professional bridal makeup artist.

It's important to plan the perfect bridal makeup look months before your wedding day and not a time to experiment with theatrical makeup trends. You'll want wedding day make up that is classic, timeless and it still looks like you, but at your most glorious.

Remember, you'll be photographed this day more than any other day of your life, as the bride you are the star of the show, so the right makeup for photography needs to be applied to insure you look the same before and after the wedding photo's have been taken. All for the sake of The Perfect Wedding Album.

how to apply makeup picturesPhotography makeup consists mainly of matt finishes. For your wedding day make up, it isn't the time to use the latest shimmers or magazine advertised glossy makeup products.

However, all makeup styles do have their place. In this case photography makeup is specifically for photography, unlike everyday make up and stage makeup.

The makeup style you use is dependant on the time of day, the type of lighting, the situation, event and whether or not photo's with be taken of you.

Flash photography can be quite unpredictable and unflattering, so the photography makeup you use needs to be high quality and applied like a professional.

Bridal Makeup How To Video

Learn how to apply make up in this makeup how to video tutorial, corroborated with pictures of makeup techniques and the perfect eye make up application. On completion, you'll know how to apply eye makeup like a pro. You'll also be given wedding makeup advice and insider bridal makeup tips to apply flawless wedding day make up - shown to you by a professional wedding makeup artist, Amy B.

(Classic Bridal Makeup - Ask Me Makeup with Amy B
- Duration of video is 8:59 minutes)

How to Put on Makeup with Makeup Pictures

Below is the video narration and some snapshot makeup pictures taken from the video. This is to guide you through the tutorial if you do not have sound on you PC or if you just prefer to read through instead. You can do both!

Here's the Video Narration - Classic Bridal Make Up

Bridal makeup is all about a classic face that won't date, long lasting wear and makeup that is appropriate for photography. This look goes a step beyond the everyday face, so keep in mind that the extra steps that go into this look are more for the purpose of photography.

how to apply makeup picturesApplying foundation for contouring:

I applied basic foundation prior to filming, first I used two squrts of the Mac Skin Primer - this will help your foundation last as well as protect your skin. I then applied a liquid foundation over the entire face and now you can see me applying concealer under the eye and blending it with a sponge.

Now I'm applying a stick foundation over areas that need extra coverage. It's quite thick, so it's best to use small amounts to avoid your foundation looking caked on.

Now I'm just lightly dusting the eye area with a translucent powder. For contouring the face, I use liquid or cream foundation rather than bronzes or powders. I find that this gives it the most natural finish. I using a foundation in a brown colour, about two shades darker than the Models skin tone. I apply the darker foundation below the cheek bone. I don't draw the foundation all the way down to the jaw, instead I spread it out and blend it with a sponge.

Now I'm contouring the nose, I'm drawing down the side of the nose and connecting it with the eye where the brow meets the nose and again I blend it out with a sponge. I'll go more in depth with a later video on the theory of contouring the face. As you can see, I am lining the Models face with a darker foundation and again blending out with a sponge. For a bit of a dewy look with the powder I add a little shimmer, I just dab it on to my brush and mix it in with the translucent powder and then I dust the entire face.

how to apply makeup picturesApplying false eyelashes:

I'm using half length false eyelashes. These are great as they are a little less obvious and blend in nicely with your own lashes. They give you length, but don't over do the eyes. In placing the lashes, I'm looking to put the lash so that the outer corner of the false lashes just very slightly goes over past the actual lash line. I'm putting the lashes on the skin but as close to the real lashes as possible.

how to apply makeup picturesHow to do eye makeup:

Now I'm applying Mac Bare Canvas Paint on the entire eye area. I find this helps my eye shadow adhear for a longer period. I then go over the eye with a matt off white eye shadow. I don't like using shimmer under the eye brow as I find it distracts from the eyeball in photography. That's why I emphasize matt eye shadow.

Now I'm applying a matt warm brown eye shadow to the brow bone. If you are fairer go for a taupe shadow. Then I put a dark brown eye shadow in the outer crease area and blend it with the brown that we've just put on the brow bone - this adds a little more dimension to the eye.

Now I'm using a light gold peach Mac Pigment to the eye lid and see that I blend it in with the brow bone, but I don't cover up that brow too much. If need be, just tweak that eye with some more brown.Then I re-apply some matt off white eye shadow under the brow again and blend out any harsh lines. I'm using liquid eyeliner to line the lashes, this will neaten and blend the false eyelashes with your own lashes as well as draw attention to the eye.

To apply the eyeliner I draw in small strokes, starting mid way across the eye. You want the line to be smooth and neat. Start thin and you can also build up more liquid eyeliner as it pleases you.

Then taking some black eye shadow, I draw out from the end of the liquid eyeliner and connect it with the outer crease where you put that dark brown colour. This makes the liquid eyeliner look less harsh and blends the look together. Then I draw in the eye brows with a dark brown eye shadow.

I then apply mascara to the eyes - also remember to brush over the top of the lashes as well to cover any fall out from the pigment or shadow.

Now I'm drawing under the lower lashes with a dark brown pencil. This is just to add more definition to the eye - it's not to create a smokey look. I will go over this with a dark brown eye shadow just to blend it out a little and set it. I only draw about two thirds of the way across the eye, then I add a little neutral shimmer to the inner lower eye area and I blend that into the brown.Then I apply mascara to the lower lashes.

how to apply makeup picturesApplying the blusher:

I'm using a peach coloured blush that has a shimmer to it. I dab the blush on the apple of the cheeks and then gently sweep it over the cheek bone. I then blend the blush with the sponge.

how to apply makeup picturesApplying the lipstick:

I'm using a natural brown liner to the lips. This is a Napolean liner - I am using the colour Sand, I find it's the perfect lip pencil. I then apply a natural beige pink lipstick to the lips and apply some pink gloss to the inner pout.

how to apply makeup picturesThe finishing touches:

Now I'm just adding some shimmer down the nose and on the cheek bones to complete the look.

And we're done!

This bridal makeup tutorial uses natural and low key colours, while still adding the drama and intensity required for wedding photography. This look is suitable for any bride and is even great for your prom makeup or for a formal event.

how to apply makeup pictures

how to apply makeup pictures

Ask Me Makeup - with Amy B

Makeup and materials used in this video:

Mac Prep and Prime Skin Base Visage
Mac StudioFix Liquid Foundation in NC35
Mac Concealer in NC25
Napoleon Perdis Stick Foundation Level 3
Napoleon Perdis Translucent Face Powder
Mehron ProColoRing Concealer #505-C (for contouring)
Napoleon Sand Beige Sparkle Dust (mixed into face powder, used on the inner lower eye and as highlighter for contouring)
Inuovo False Eyelashes (either no.3 or no.5)
Lashgrip Clear Glue
Mac Bare Canvas Paint
Rimmel London Matte White Eyeshadow
Napoleon Perdis Medium Brown Eyeshadow
Napolon Perdis Dark Brown Eyeshadow
Mac Pigment in Jardin Aires
Shiseido Liquid Liner
Mac Black Tied Pressed Eyeshadow
Lancome Hypnose Mascara in Noir (on your wedding day opt for a waterproof mascara. I really do prefer Lancome mascaras)
Mac Sheertone Shimmer Blush in "Foolish Me"
Napoleon Perdis Lip Pencil in Sand
Makeup Store lipstick in Baby
L'Oreal Glam Shine Gloss in Lychee Sorbet

Music Used in This Video:

* If I Could Write a Book- Harry Connick Jnr
* It Had To Be You- Harry Connick Jnr
* Por Favor- Doris Day
* What A Wonderful World- Louis Armstrong

decorative stars

Learn how to do makeup applications together with your own bridal party. So practice, practice, practice - apply your bridal makeup with diligence and you'll all successfully learn how to do eye makeup and how to put on makeup like a pro!


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