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It's great if you already know which bridal flowers you want for your bridal bouquet, however, before you set your heart on any particular bloom you should take something into account our Fairy godmother tip; choose flowers that are in season, they are less expensive and they are readily available and do not need to be imported.

For inspiration, have a look at our flower meanings, flower dictionary with corresponding flower pictures, a great way to start your search. Especially if you don't know much about flowers. Understanding the meaning of flowers can add an emotional or spiritual dimension to your choice in bouquets and bridal floral arrangements. Below you'll find wedding flowers in season for each colour.

bridal flowers in season

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White Flowers & Cream Flowers In Season

Summer Autumn Winter Spring
African daisy Aster Azalea Agapanthus
Agapanthus Azalea Camellia Amaryllis
Amaryllis Calla Lily Carnation Anemone
Anthurium Carnation Chrysanthemum Apple Blossom
Aster Gladiolus Daffodil Azalea
Brachycome Cosmos Daisy Calla Lily
Calla Lily Crocus Delphinium Camellia
Canna Daffodil Fressia Carnation
Carnation Daisy Gladiolus Cherry Blossom
Chrysanthemum Dianthus Gypsophila Lilac
Cornflower Digitalis Hyacinth Chrysanthemum
Cosmos Frangipani Iris Crocus
Crocus Fressia Jonquil Daffodil
Daisy Gypsophila Lily-of-the-Valley Daisy
Delphinium Hyacinth Luneria Delphinium
Dianthus Iris Lychnis Dianthus
Digitalis Jonquil Orchid Flannel Flower
Frangipani Lily-of-the-Valley Primula Fressia
Gardenia Orchid Ranunculus Gardenia
Gladiolus Primula Rose Ranunculus
Gloxinia Rose Tulip Gladiolus
Gypsophila Tulip Gloxinia
Hydrangea Zinnia Gypsophila
Iris Hyacinth
Lilac Iberis
Lilium Jasmine
Luneria Jonquil
Lupin Leucojum
Lychnis Stock
Nierembergia Lily-of-the-Valley
Orchid Lupin
Phlox Magnolia
Rose Muscari
Snapdragon Primula
Statice Rhododendron
Stock Rose
Sweet Pea

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Yellow Flowers & Orange Flowers In Season

Summer Autumn Winter Spring
African daisy African daisy Azalea Broom
Calceolaria Calceolaria Calendula Buttercup
Calendula Calla Lily Canna Calceolaria
Calla Lily Carnation Carnation Calendula
Canna Chrysanthemum Chrysanthemum Calla Lily
Carnation Daffodil Daffodil Canna
Celosia Dahlia Dahlia Carnation
Cheiranthus Daisy Fressia Celosia
Chrysanthemum Gerbera Gladiolus Cheiranthus
Crocus Hibiscus Hollyhock Chrysanthemum
Dahlia Iris Jonquil Poppy
Day Lily Lupin Lupin Crocus
Digitalis Marigold Orchid Daffodil
Frangipani Orchid Ranunculus Daisy
Fressia Poppy Rose Day Lily
Gazania Rose Tulip Digitalis
Gerbera Zinnia Fressia
Geum Gazania
Gladiolus Gerbera
Hibiscus Geum
Hollyhock Gladiolus
Iris Rose
Lupin Hollyhock
Marigold Honeysuckle
Orchid Hypericum
Pansy Iris
Poppy Ixia
Ranunculus Jonquil
Rose Lupin
Snapdragon Orchid
Statice Pansy
Stock Polyanthus
Strawflower Stock
Zinnia Ranunculus

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Blue Flowers & Purple Flowers In Season

Summer Autumn Winter Spring
Alchimenes Alchimenes Anemone Alchimenes
Agapanthus Anchusa Forget-me-not Agapanthus
Ageratum Aster Cornflower Ageratum
Anclusa Day Lily Digitalis Anemone
Anemone Delphinium Fressia Brachycome
Iris Fressia Gloxinia Cineraria
Aster Hollyhock Hyacinth Cornflower
Brachycome Hydrangea Iris Day Lily
Cornflower Iris Lavender Delphinium
Day Lily Lavender Lupin Digitalis
Delphinium Orchid Primula Forget-me-not
Nigella Statice Stock Fressia
Digitalis Viola Viola Gentian
Fressia Zinnia Hollyhock
Gloxinia Hyacinth
Hyacinth Iris
Hydrangea Larkspur
Scilla Lavender
Lavender Lavender
Linaria Lilac
Luneria Luneria
Lupin Magnolia
Nierembergia Muscari
Orchid Orchid
Penstemon Penstemon
Phlox Polyanthus
Plumbago Primula
Schizanthus Rhododendron
Statice Schizanthus
Sweet Pea Scilla
Sweet William Statice
Torenia Sweet Pea
Verbena Torenia

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Pink Flowers & Red Flowers In Season

Summer Autumn Winter Spring
Alchimenes Alchimenes Amaryllis Alchimenes
Ageratum Armeria Azalea Ageratum
Amaryllis Aster Calla Lily Amaryllis
Anemone Canna Carnation Anemone
Armeria Carnation Chrysanthemum Apple Blossom
Aster Coral Bells Cornflower Armeria
Brachycome Dahlia Dahlia Azalea
Calla Lily Delphinium Fressia Brachycome
Camellia Gladiolus Hollyhock Camellia
Canna Hyacinth Iris Canna
Carnation Lilium Lupin Carnation
Chrysanthemum Poppy Penstemon Cherry Blossom
Clematis Ranunculus Poppy Chrysanthemum
Snapdragon Rose Ranunculus Cineraria
Coral Bells Statice Rose Clematis
Cornflower Zinnia Statice Coral Bells
Cosmos Cornflower
Crocus Crocus
Dahlia Dahlia
Delphinium Delphinium
Dianthus Dianthus
English Daisy English Daisy
Fressia Fressia
Gladiolus Gladiolus
Gloxinia Gloxinia
Godetia Hyacinth
Hollyhock Hollyhock
Strawflower Iris
Hyacinth Ixia
Hydrangea Larkspur
Jasmine Lilium
Lilium Lupin
Linaria Penstemon
Lupin Poppy
Penstemon Primula
Peony Ranunculus
Phlox Rose
Poppy Schizanthus
Ranunculus Snapdragon
Rose Statice
Schizanthus Stock
Statice Sweet Pea
Stock Verbena
Sweet Pea Water Lily
Tiger Lily Watsonia

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Bridal Bouquet Ideas

For the best bridal bouquet ideas there is no substitute for feasting your eyes on selections of bridal bouquet pictures. Here are my personal favourites.

Wedding Budget

If you have a wedding budget, then tell your florist; about your budget and your color theme and any flowers you dislike, they are more than happy to assist you, they'll even recommend flowers that are in season and less expensive flowers to help you stick to your budget. Also bare in mind that flowers are more expensive just before valentines day and other festivities.

Silk Bridal Bouquets

An alternative is silk bridal bouquets. Fairy godmother tip; for your bridal flowers to look convincingly real, the silk must be of the best quality. Be sure to see samples of silk bouquets before making this decision.

Make Your Own Bridal Bouquet

Another alternative to bridal flowers is to make your own bridal bouquet. If you have the time and patience to follow some simple steps, you, your bridesmaids and a little help from your Fairy godmother, can save some money and put it towards your honeymoon!


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